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Justice is Just us

I may have told you this story before, but years ago, while the rest of my family flew, I drove up to Wisconsin to attend my stepmothers's mother's funeral. Big funeral, many people loved her. I noticed after we put her casket in the ground that there were these medallion signs placed into the ground near the graves. They were shields denoting veterans, bronze veteran grave markers.
I noticed some had an inverted star, and I thought, hmm that's weird. I asked the funeral director and they thought it was a manufacturing mistake, said they'd never noticed that before. I don't know how you could miss it.
Thinking it was a purple heart or medal of valor thing I looked it up; it was denoting freemasons. Huh.
Anyway, so on my return trip, massive rainstorm took me into gun and knife show just to get off the road. Somewhere, bumfuck Indiana. The rain eventually let up to a drizzle and by that point I was turned around and kind of psychogeographically meandered until I hit a quaint little town and ended up pulling over, you guessed it, right at a freemason lodge.
Maybe it's that I pull up to the most innocuous, marginally creepy and appearing to be abandoned (boarded up windows), though always still strangely kept up building in town; and that happens to be the description of the prototypical freemason lodge. This big ugly 4 story is a brick building with boarded up windows. One in every town, though it may just look like background. That's the point. Gotta keep the molach haters out.
While I'm looking at my map to figure out where in F I am, I notice out of my window a big weird ghostbusters style building looming large behind a kind of wild west blockade style of shorter buildings. Channeling my inner JB Smoov, I'm like, 'hey that's even weirder let's go check that shit out, Larry'
Turns, and I kid you not "Clinton County Courthouse"
Even stranger is the fact that there's a CONFEDERATE memorial on the grounds. It gets better.
At the top of the courthouse on at least 3 corners, maybe 4 is Justicia, the anglopmorphised goddess of Justice, typically a blindfolded woman wielding a sword and scales. These statues had the sword, but the scales were missing. ~~ I may be misremembering but no blindfold either.~~(I'm wrong) On all the statues, the same. Just a woman with a sword and no scales. She appeared to be pinching the air, suggesting the scales had broken off from the wind, shot off or taken away.. Symbolically, this would mean "innocence or guilt is irrelevant...justice is what we say it is".
But this is perfect. I swear to F, absolutely perfect. This was April 2015. This was the invisible song of the deepstate always playing just under the threshold of perception.
No scales Justicia was a psychic telegraph. A living, numinous, precognitive, psychogeographical, epistemological metaphor for upcoming events: Comey dismissing Clinton before even calling witnesses for her remarkable crimes--which are ongoing!
This telegraph came to me in a deeply personal way*.
Datto Do it
This was not unlike the post ketamine afterglow and the sudden helicopter experience, this would be a year or two before the above experience.
The K helicopter experience was a subjective experience that cannot be explained in any other reasonable way than an archontic manifestation, a warning and "boundary reminder" from cyber (ie: gangster computer god worldwide secret containment policy AKA 'sentient world simulator'), to guide me AWAY from Hillary Clinton's servers in that area, that I find out later is where DATTO is located near the Burlington Coat Factory there, a stones throw from the Walmart in Secaucus, NJ, where I happened to be, again, psychogeographically meandering.
Isn't that some shit. Sefuckingcaucus. Sea caucus.
I won't go into the psycho linguistics, twilight language of secaucus unless you want to. Ok you twisted my arm. Secaucus=Sea caucus. Caucus is a closed meeting, sea caucus is a closed meeting on the sea.
Of course a closed meeting on the sea would be a type of arcadia, and idyllic location for where Hillary would want to keep her datacenter. Closed meeting, pref on international waters.
After all, Hillary (and Bill...and Wray) are Yaleys, Yale being descendents of freemason privateers and the original heroin mercantiles / traffickers in America (psst and still are). That draw to profit potential of ill gains within an unmonitored, unregulated international waters market is like gold to a leprecaun to one Hillary Clinton....its irresistable. She / they choose placenames and people names and businessnames that telegraph things they not only like to do but are planning to do as well. Like Kinder Corps would be the name of like a private school that promises to be like cadet traning for very young children, militarized montessouri. Only corps is like 'corpse', and like little johny francis maple, one out of every 100 goes missing
And Wasserman-Shultz, her deputy is aptly named too. Wasserman-Schultz means "Water businessman sheriff". Water business means mercantile, but also implies 'red market' and 'blackmarket' stuff, because a lot of the 'bad biz' happens at the shore. Think of boardwalks, casinos, prostitution, contraband going both ways from the ports, etc. Wasserman-Shultz then is the sheriff of all the bad business, but she's a dirty cop.
SO Imagine my surprise reading about Secaucus NJ and Datto servers on wikileaks clinton / podesta emails and in the news very early this year, and then using google maps to see....where exactly it was.
Why was I psychogeographically meandering there 3 yrs or so ago? First of all, after 6 days 6 rounds of ketamine, it's like you literally got porn star assfucked in your brain, and so they say you can't drive for 24 hrs after that last round. I was staying at a hotel there because I don't have Manhattan money I have secaucus, take the bus back money. 65 a night, I can take a bus, no biggie.
I was meandering due to a unipolar, northerly, massive invisible diesel engine, subthreshold 'hum' infrasound sound rainbow without source that was so loud and everpresent and unending that I could not ignore it. I was like what in fucks name is that hum. Let's investigate the shit out that shit, Larry
This lead me to an electronic billboard and what I would say is massive amounts of electronics flying beneath me which I could feel. I leaned on a chainlink fence processing my experience. I felt tugs. Like there was someone there. Tug. Tug. What the f is this? Like an invisible kid was there fucking with me. This was every bit as weird as the overhead lights being blue in the subway when I was completely lost; the likelihood of the correct choice out of what 10 others at the exchange having weird 'blue' party lights that native New Yorkers say is something the transit authority never does. Pronoia is what that's called. Angelic augmented reality.
Anyway, I walked around the marsh behind the chainlinked fence at Walmart and saw what I would call 'devil's asparagus' coming up, the plant was so wicked looking, like the tail of lucifer coming out. It was fascinating. It turns out it was early shoots of japanese knotgrass, also edible. This has no importance to this story, sorry
I crept up to the electronic billboard behind the fence and I got up close to it, I was watching it, now I had 2 hums, everpresent and localized. Hidden harmonics insued. Mesmerizing, like the flashing images up close. These were shitty ads blasting to motorists coming down the freeway.
Suddenly I had this feeling like I was being watched. 'Hey you know I'm not supposed to be here. What if they get the wrong idea and think I'm planning on doing something to this..i'm not a teen anymore, I a grown ass man and this is some fool shit what I'm doing"
As soon as I had that thought, I look off in the distance and these helicopters emerge, they are moving horizontally in line, iirc it's 5 chinooks. I jump back the fence to the asphalt and start walking, still watching the chinooks intently
It felt very much like the two events were related, like, 'I thought about 9/11 and terror and suddenly military shit shows up, like a halluciation' After all, I was still in an afterglow of strange ideas.
The moment I thought "uh oh", those chinooks turned almost 90 degrees and came towards the walmart.
I think of this like the self-fulfilling prophecy of getting a speeding ticket. That "shit I think he nailed me"...Worrying about it and focusing on it....oops there's the lights...causes you get pulled over
At this point I thought, hmm, maybe it's better I start going back towards the parking lot where people and shoppers are. The chinooks got closer and eventually flew in line right over top of me not 50 feet above the walmart with solders and guns out in the open bay looking at me. I raised both my arms like "whee!" and they flew over. I realize this was kind of dumb but I was kind of dumb in that moment--again, pornstar assfucked in my head; like I was hit by a truck
Getting a bad feeling I asked about this of others and they confirmed this was real and not a hallucination. I was just given a boundary condition.
But I didn't know why until 3 yrs later that I was standing on very likely a hidden underground DOD datacenter or some other kind of facility or near critical infrastructure and very likely fiber or large cables underneath because I could literally feel the electrons flowing and it wasn't from some damn billboard thing since it ran the whole line from 1/5 mile away and I was walking it.
Being so near their datacenter, I was standing on the deepstate's pressure point and was an unknown variable acting post-ketamine unpredictably because I had recently dimensionjumped in my final K experience with the dimensionjump proof of the manifested red blanket of my aids/anger being thrown out, and my transposition into this reality didn't fit the deepstate's preconceived "sentient world simulation" model, hence the chinooks were deployed from the fort. Likely they were running routine drills but were redirected to my location as a lookie loo, and then back to their original destination (wall street district manhattan) making a triangle
EDIT: It's very helpful to mention that I spoke with an employee at Walmart about it on his smoke break. "Never. They never do that. I thought they were going to land on us it was so loud"
What's this have to do with the title, Justice Just us? Well I wanted to say this has nothing to do with justice. Our world, our experience has literally nothing to do with justice. It's just us. Us and our experience.
We can't wait around for some turkeys to do justice or not do justice. We have to work around them and create our own world. We have to have a safe space in which to explore and 'check shit out' and not be killed by drones and archons' robots in helicopters, reducing us to numbers, threat probabilities and patterns of life analysis profiles
And we have to feel empowered enough to read the signs the world is giving us, not us generally but us personally.
I want to live in a world where I can do stuff like the above, like a child, where the world is looking out for me and the world lives vicariously through me and I though it
Thats the point.
No justice. Just us.
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From BWW to a Beach Casino LoL Convention! Come join the party for the World Championships!

First, I want to thank those at Riot, and the Reddit Communities support from last years opportunities, and lets not forget a special thank you to everyone who showed up for our event last year, including the many people that were left in the parking lot wanting to join us.
Without your support last year, I would not have been putting so much effort into this year. Thank you so much for helping me become a host for one of the most exciting nights for many of us each year.

It's that time of the year again! The World Championships on October 19th is approaching!

Last year, for those who do not know, we had a quite large event held at Buffalo Wild Wings in Salem, Oregon for the 2013 World Championship Finals. Everyone who made it inside had a great night, however unfortunately, many stayed home because I could not guarantee them a reserved seat. Even though we could not reserve any more seating, there were many that tried to get in, but unfortunately were left outside to watch on their tablets and phones.
We do not want this to be a problem this year so we have reserved the Chinook Winds Casino Resort's Concert Hall on the beach in Lincoln City, Oregon. (this is only an hours drive from last years event in Salem)
This will be an all age event and this venue holds over 1000 people. Unfortunately, this venue is quite expensive for us compared to last year. We are allowing those who want to support us to pre-order tickets right now for a limited time to ensure you can get your seat as well as a few extra bonus perks for your contribution.
There is so much going on this year for our event, that we upgraded it to a convention style atmosphere. Lets not forget, we have 4 colleges competing in a random knockout to be played right at the event!

Here is a short list of what someone might expect when attending this party.

The list seriously goes on and it keeps expanding with more and more awesomeness almost daily!
If anyone is interested in attending, volunteering, contributing, or even sharing ideas, let me know we are very open to ideas and help.
You can pre-order through the reddit crowdtilt page at And get more information about the event at
Also, if you are from the NW region of the USA, feel free to join our private facebook group of close to 1,800 people near this area.
Thanks again everyone and I hope to see you at this years awesome event!
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Chinook Winds Casino Resorts offers everything you need for the perfect weekend getaway. Read our page to learn more. Events. Media. Programs. Booking. Contact. More. Upcoming Events. Chamber Music Series. Season Sponsor DR. BRICE ADDISON. 2020. FRIDAY September 18 ONLINE SUNDAY September 27. Music of America's Immigrants & Admirers. A classical clarinetist and a French horn player arranged Four Klezmer Dances for wind quintet PLUS Little Scenes of China by Soong Fu-Yuan Wind Quintet No. 2 by Miguel del ... Events; Contact Us; Welcome to Chinook Winds Golf Resort. Just a tee-shot away from the Casino and Hotel, is Chinook Winds Golf Resort. The lush, mature course is cut into the mountainside, amongst old-growth timber, bordered by natural wetlands and designed water features, and is stippled with defiant bunkers–a true eighteen-hole challenge for every level of golfer. 4404 yards from the blue ... Chinook Winds Casino Ticket Information Attend upcoming events at Chinook Winds Casino with the help of the Vivid Seats marketplace. Use the various on-page filter options to sort Chinook Winds Casino tickets according to specific criteria such as category, time of day, day of the week, and month. Chinook Winds Casino Resorts offers everything you need for the perfect weekend getaway. Read our page to learn more. Chinook Winds Casino in Lincoln City announced this afternoon that it would be closing at 4 pm Tuesday, Dec. 1 due to the virus’ unabated spread. That temporary halt is expected to last two ... Chinook Winds Casino Resort gaming, entertainment, dining and accomodations. 1 promotions and offers, 8 dining options, Winners Circle details and benefits.

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